Exploring before tying yourself down

Perhaps you are one of those people who are tied down with everything going on at home, and convinced that they are happy. You have a serious relationship, a steady job, and everything planned out. I was just like this myself, until my engagement disintegrated and I finally developed a slight curiosity for things that were going on outside of the little box that I created for myself. I just flew off to Europe with my cousin to Couchsurf around and explore and make new friends, and that trip changed my life forever. Now I am living in Germany with my closest friends.

The point is that you do not know how things will change your life until you give them a try. If you have never been on a trip in your life, I strongly recommend that you make one before you tie yourself down to the point where you cannot go anywhere. You do not want to be stuck later on wondering about what you could have done in your younger years but no longer can because of work or a family. If you do plan on having a traditional family life which will later on tie you down – THESE are the days when you need to go see things.

You might feel like you have no interest outside of your bubble – and you may even be refusing to acknowledge the fact that you ARE living in a bubble – but it is something that you will only learn to appreciate once you actually do it. It was only until after I came back from traveling that I realized how much my life was actually missing before when I was limiting myself only to the things which were familiar to me. The world is so much bigger than you could imagine and it does not mean that there is nothing in it to offer you. You do not have to travel the world, but make one trip without your partner to discover something on your own and feel that sense of autonomy that you might cut yourself off from later on!

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