Single and happy DOES exist

Personally I have been quite repulsed by the unceasingly determined attack of tradition on singleness and independence. The phenomenon is not new by any means. Films, plays, stories, traditions, poetry, etc. has reinforced for ages the idea that one needs to find that “one” – his or her soul mate – in order to be complete. Because of this, way too many people are convinced that they are unhappy and that they will not be happy until they find this mystical person, because without them happiness is for some reason impossible, since being alone and content is completely out of the question in the eyes of society. Not only to people not like to be alone themselves, but they often like to judge other people who prefer to be alone or do not believe in marriage or long term relationships. Once you hit thirty and you are not at least involved with someone else, there are still lots of people assume that there must be something wrong with you. This goes especially for women, due to leftovers of traditional characteristics of society´s structure that made it not only unacceptable but essentially impossible for a woman to be independent.

This is not to say that there are not people out there with relaxed lifestyles who do not judge other people or that there has been absolutely no trend towards acceptance of singleness, but I would argue that the pace of this “progress” is glacial. Plenty of people still have fairy tale expectations for relationships and marriages causing them to force relationships to stick together which do not belong together only to prolong an inevitable disintegration of a marriage or relationship which should never have been started in the first place. You can even see it in the online dating scene. Big name websites promising that your soul mate is somewhere online waiting for you to log on and find them. Well when they put it that way, if you believe in soul mates, why would you want to keep yours waiting? Then there was the emergence of the sites like Flirtfair for the “casual” local singles who are not looking for serious relationships (i.e., but as you can imagine that was never really a popular hit.

I think it is actually a crime to make people believe that there is some type of perfect relationship waiting for them out there, when everyone has the perfect potential to enjoy happiness on their own by making them think that there will always be something better than being single, when in reality being single makes the individual better off than in most relationship pairs. If you yourself have always been looking for a relationship to complete yourself, you should really go through a self evaluation and recognize all the ways in which you can create and maintain your own authentic happiness.

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